Friday, 2 August 2013

Mandatory (sort of) introductory post?

Right, so, hello?

Against all rational thinking, I've decided to create a blog- won't update much, because I am terrible at keeping blogs. This probably will be the place where I try to educate the world on topics like RACISM and MISOGYNY and RAPE CULTURE and SEX POSITIVISM (I am looking at you, Edgar) because this is 2013, okay, and the only way I even found out about these things were through the depths of the Internet, after having used it for years. So, yeah, here's a platform for those close to me/assed to read this to learn about those things, because you really won't know anything, and you'll raise kids who don't know anything, and the world will continue like this, until some cosmic force decides so. (Or they become a raging feminist like me, via Tumblr. But I doubt that's happening. The stars aren't aligned, you see.)

It's nearly 5pm now and oops I went on the computer like forty five minutes ago determined to do some research and pull up statistics and shit to impress/intimidate/drill into Edgar's thick skull that HEY FEMINISM MATTERS so I (or Rachel) can print it out and I can debate to him on Monday, but then I opened (or well, Google restored for me tabs, that's nice of you, Google) Tumblr and I lost almost an hour. So. Hey!

what is that for i don't know what they hey was for


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