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Misogyny: Fact or Myth?

I would really like to use the word 'whaddup', but unless in context of close friends I feel like I would be seriously judged for this. (I am judging myself for this.)

Anyway, today I've decided to tackle the topic of: MISOGYNY!!

Lots of you whom I know in real life have probably heard me say this word at least ten times a week. The same group of you probably are wondering what on earth I am talking about too, and why I haven't been committed to an asylum. But we are all equal, you say. Women have jobs and can vote and stuff, you say.

I say, that, yeah, that's right, but that's also completely wrong.

I'll be using AMERICA ("land of the free, home of the dumbasses"- Laci Green) as an example, because what Edgar, the person who really seems intent on me not "wasting" my energy on feminism, thinks is that Singapore is pretty gender equal. And it is! Sort of! Misogyny is quite eradicated here, in terms of "big issues", but it still is here. And while that is great, I don't know sh*t about Singapore's misogynistic issues because to be honest I don't give a damn. (I would, but Singapore bores me to tears and there isn't really a feminist community here that I can discuss issues with.) So this means I can't present to you examples of misogyny in our homeland, so what I can do is give you what is the deal in America and the rest of the world, which probably will strike within your hearts a bigger sense of self-righteousness to solve the problem.

(On that note, you should probably know that misogyny/feminism deals with a broad range of topics, because seriously, the world has issues with us beings with vaginas. These topics include anything from sex positivism to rape culture to an under-representation of female characters in the media, despite the fact that there are nearly as many women as men.

Dis be from Wikipedia:

pink is the colour representing countries with MORE FEMALES THAN MALES. TAKE THAT, EDGAR Y OU SUCKISH BALL OF SUCK.

green represents the countries with the same ratio of male to female.

blue represents the countries with more males than females.)

Moving on.

Here is an example of female artistes facing severe discrimination- Grimes (you may or may not know her) and Ke$ha (you probably do know her).

EXTRA TIDBIT: Lewis' Law is an observation made in 2012 that states "the comments on any article about feminism justify feminism." (Lewis is this British journalist that writes frequently about misogynist hate directed at women online.)

U C???????

Now on to Ke$ha. Who doesn't love Ke$ha? (Even I love Ke$ha, regardless of her transphobia [yeah okay this is another topic you don't need to worry about for now], because, um, excuse you, she's a qualified genius with an IQ level of over 140 and a SAT score of 1500, and she's rich, and a feminist, and.. yeah there are tons of reasons to love her.)

(gifset taken from Tumblr)

LMFAO makes fun music about partying and everyone is like “haha it’s so fun. those dudes have a wacky cool time and it’s harmless pop anyone can love!”
Ke$ha makes fun music about partying and everyone is like “wow clearly she is vapid and unintelligent and her music is awful and she is also awful”

I wonder why that is???

(I know why that is)

(it’s misogyny)

(that’s why)


On that note, I'll give you (in point form!) what other things that are misogynistic, and will make more in-depth posts later.

Things girls are made to feel ashamed of include:

  • wanting/not wanting to have sex
  • abortion
  • wearing what they want
  • putting boys in the 'friendzone'
  • standing up against misogyny
  • ruining a boy's life by telling the police he raped her
  • having periods
  • abortion
  • not appreciating catcalls
  • not appreciating chivalry
  • having control over their own f*cking body
basically, living.

Misogyny can also be easily described as men (trying to) put women in their "place". Because, apparently, us ladies have a "rightful place."

Yeah, well, dickfaces:

(Another reason why Adventure Time is a brilliant show, but let's not get into that.)

It's a bit hard, actually, to write about this topic and remember that sometimes I just can't leave you guys hanging like that, because I keep forgetting that you lot have not read the articles I've read on this topic, and might not understand fully.

Basically, most men feel as if us women do not have and should not have certain rights. Be it being allowed to drive (I'm looking at you, sexist drivers!), have opinions, and such. Being a feminist is simply sticking up for yourself, for your rights, and (if you're male) for other women's rights. Because, without us, let's face it- the human race will one day die off. One day they're gonna find a way for women to reproduce without men (actually, there is, but it ain't easy) and we all are gonna reproduce asexually and birth wave after wave of strong, feminist women who will smash the patriarchy and then you all are gonna be in trouble.

If you have any questions and/or confused about feminism, feel free to ask me! Be it in school, on Twitter (@shoulderster) or (@aimaryter), anything's fine. I'm here to help you on your way to becoming more feminist, right?

HEADS UP: THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE POST ON MISOGYNY. I think could go crazy, actually, should I choose to explain and justify and go in-depth about misogyny and feminism and everything, BECAUSE THERE IS NO END TO THIS RIDICULOUSNESS. It's 2013, and no one is equal. People of colour, transgenders, non-homosexuals, women... One reason I'm such a huge feminist is because I just really do not understand and hate discrimination. I hate it, really. (That being said, I'm not just a feminist but activist to champion the rights for these "minorities" as well. Social justice for everyone!) 

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